Richard Mosse

11 Richard Mosse - Surface and SurfaceRecent work form Irish born New York based Photographer Richard Mosse. These Large format photographs are from the series ‘Infra’ shown at Dublin Contemporary this year. The subject being Nomadic rebels in the Congolese jungle. The series was shot using Aerochrome infrared film developed by the US military in the 1940s to detect camouflage and to reveal part of the spectrum of light the human eye cannot see.

”The false-colour Aerochrome was a thing of the past. I was dealing with an abandoned technology which I wanted to use reflexively, to work this military technology against itself in the hopes of revealing something about how photography represents a place like Congo, a place so deeply buried beneath and stifled by its representations.”

You can find various insightful interviews and discussions on Mosses’s work on his website.

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  1. doppidoo said:

    Absolutely beautiful shots. Love the use of colour and light.

    • Mark said:

      They are pretty amazing, the prints at his exhibition were about 2 meters wide, so really detailed shots.

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