Tomer Hanuka

13 Tomer Hanuka - Surface and SurfaceSome ‘magical realism’ from New York based Israeli Illustrator and cartoonist Tomer Hanuka. Tomer Hanuka’s diverse out-put includes a range of projects for magazines, book publishers, ad agencies and film studio. I saw his presentation at Offset in Dublin last year where he gave an interesting insight to his work.  Tomer is currently working on a graphic novel with this twin brother Asaf and writer Boaz Lavie. You can find a great interview Computer Arts did with Tomer Hanuka in August about his work and process here.

“We’re surrounded by American comic books, this is the late 70s, the windows are open, and a warm wind blows in. It’s summer – it’s always summer in the Middle East – yellow, dusty. The comics are just so mysterious and majestic; an unreachable light in a faraway land. It’s more beautiful and exciting than anything else around. Years later I pack a suitcase and move to New York, looking for that hypnotic land of full-colour magic. Eventually I had to concede that I’ll never find it, the light remains out of reach. And that was the point – getting lost.” Tomer Hanuka refering to his momories of growing up in Israel.

His new book ‘Overkill’ is available on amazon.

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