San Telmo Museum Extension by Nieto Sobejano


The beautiful extension to the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian by Nieto Sobejano. The design arose from a strong concept based on the friction between old and new, sea and landscape, nature and man-made. The project is a material expression of this friction, the architects created inhabited walls which trace the border between the mountain and the city, incorporating the walkway to Monte Urgull into the building itself.

“San Telmo Museoa’s new facade — a stark gray wall poked with holes through which greenery sprouts — mimics the natural rocky surroundings but sharply contrasts with the adjoining building, a refurbished 16th-century former convent where the permanent collection of Basque art and historical artifacts is displayed.”

The New York Times

The facade design was a collaboration between Nieto Sobejano and the artists Leopoldo Ferrán and Agustina Otero who were influenced by the local pierced and eroded stones of Monte Urgull. This image then became the facade of the building where in some sections plants emerge from the holes an in others light.

There is a great interview with Nieto Sobejano with here

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