Brett Amory

19 Brett Amory - Surface and SurfaceBeautiful emotive work from Oakland based Artist / Drummer / Graphic Designer Brett Amory. Brett Amory’s paintings depict people in transit, everyday acts, waiting for a bus or train, undefined moments of time between events, the pregnant moment.

 “Elements of the compositions provide an outward echo of the inner states of the figures. By reducing the elements of the painting as far as possible, a frozen moment is extended.” Brett Amory

Prints of Brett Amory’s work are available through ‘Thinkspace Gallery’ and ‘5 Pieces Gallery’. In 2011 Brett Amory has had solo exhibitions at the ‘Jonathan LeVine Gallery New York’, and ‘Gallery AD’.

Watch the video below for an interview with the ‘Warholian’ for ‘Thinkspace Gallery’ in 2010. T-shirts available through ‘Indivisual Collective’ and studio images from ‘No New Enemies’  

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