Chor Boogie

01 Chor Boogie - surfaceandsurface.comAmazing expressionist kaleidoscopic spray work from the highly dynamic Artist Chor Boogie. Chor Boogie impressive murals and canvas work are made exclusively using aerosol spray cans. He describes his work as:

“Abstract expressionism with a little street romantic voodoo along with emotional landscapes of a melodic symphony through color therapy.”

Chor has recently exhibited at the Torrance Art Museum in California, Scope Art Fair Miami and the Sarasota Chalk Festival. Chor Boogie is sponsored by Spanish Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint, and has a limited edition signature spray can which was launched at Art Basel Miami Beach, Florida this year.

Watch the videos below, first one is ‘MTN Colors x Gansevoort Miami Beach x Art Basel 2011’ a collaboration between MTN, Apexter, Chor Boogie, Kofie, Bam, Trek 6 and Neonski. Second video is an interview with Warholian in 2010. Check out his blog for updates and post of his progress through putting together some of his projects.

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