Ann Quinn

16 Ann Quinn - surfaceandsurface.comOtherworldly paintings from Donegal Artist Ann Quinn. Ann works from images taken while traveling. Her work evokes places visited, moments experienced and spaces imagined

“I have had moments when the sun has gone down, the sky is still blue, stars are starting to appear and I have felt completely in tune with the land around me, as if I were watching a story I know unfold before my eyes. My paintings are an attempt to capture these moments.”

Ann Quinn had a solo exhibition at the Cross Gallery in June this year entitled ‘She would argue a crow is white’, with work from her residency in the Pyrenees, Catalonia in November 2010, a residency at the Heinrich Boll Cottage in Achill Island in 2010 and the time of heavy snow at her childhood home in East Donegal, 2010.

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  1. Tanya Mc Colgan said:

    HELLO ANN, Great to see your painting away, fab tastic stuff , i often thought of where you might be … with my festival guide i opened today i smiled and thought that haaas to be you, so i went and looked you up . love to meet some time x its a long time since lesley house .

    • Mark said:

      Thanks for the comment Tanya, I’ll pass on your comment to Ann

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