Frédéric Delangle

2-Frédéric Delangle-surfaceandsurface.comBeautiful nocturnal work from French Photographer Frédéric Delangle. These Photographs are from his Nyctalope 1 & 2 series from in 2008. Frédéric Delangle’s work appears in the current Blow Photography Magazine.

“The series ‘Nyctalopic’ borrows from film the principle of directional lighting. The landscape becomes a night of vertigo, headlights isolating a small area of visibility. Torches at long range, they cut the space between the image and structure a light field and dark field.”

Frédéric Delangle is represented by Galerie Philip Pechaume, Paris and L’Agent de Photographe Faisan, Florence.

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  1. Kristin said:

    Those are beautiful! I love the eerie quality.

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