4 prefab77 - surface and surfaceNew exhibition from Prefab77 entitled ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ at The Outsiders, Newcastle, England. They’ll be showing new work and techniques, including original art and a series of varied edition prints.  Opening Friday 20th of January 2012 and runs until Saturday 18th of February 2012.

“They are pioneering a new technique employing oralite film, a substance used to coat road signs and police cars for example, using a ubiquitous urban material as a medium to reflect their fast, hard-edged, stripped down artwork. Oralite strongly reflects light, lending an arresting glow to the works in question. The ubiquitous but little-known element of the urban environment ideally suits Prefabʼs hard-edged, stripped-down art. The effect is both haunting and beautiful.” The Outsiders

Click here for detailed images of the work that’s gonna be on show.  You can find our previous post on Prefab77 here.

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