Antonio Bolfo

10 Antonio Bolfo NYPD operation impact surface and surfaceStunning Photography from New York based Photojournalist / Cop / Animator Antonio Bolfo.  After studying animation at the Rhode Island School of Design Antonio worked on projects for Playstation & Guitar Hero.  He left the field after loosing interest in the office environment & went looking for ‘street-level experience’.  Antonio joined the NYPD in 2006 and began documenting his work with the Police Department in 2008 and 2009.

“It was a hard job emotionally and physically,” he said. “To get the stress off, I would use photography. I would never let it interfere with my police work.”

He now works full-time as a Photographer with Getty Images.  Other project of Antonio Bolfo include the aftermath of the Earth Quake in Haiti, mass dumps of Cite Soleil in Port-au-Prince and grave diggers of Ti Tanyen, Haiti.  He is currently working on a wildlife project in Asia.

Watch the interview with Antonio Bolfo at Visa Pour l’image Perpignan 2010 below.

16 Antonio Bolfo NYPD operation impact surface and surface

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