David M Buisán

04 David M Buisán - surface and surface

Nice work from Barcelona based Illustrator David M. Buisán.  Along with working on a wide range of projects for magazines, book publishers, ad agencies, oline press and collaborations with other artists David M. Buisán has created illustrations for Damm Beer, Nivea, Ryanair, Virgin, UMTV, Bess nyc, Maxim Magazine USA and Hearst group.  So if like me you’ve always wondered who does the really great cover illustrations for those free Ryanair magazines now you know.

“In my illustrations, I just try to mix everything I like, and that includes all those nerd references I love. I am a so-called  of science fiction, fantasy, superheroes “fanboy”. I also like my works to reveal many layers, like onions. A bit like those medieval paintings where you see a cherry tree in the background through a window being a symbol of a lost paradise. One can stay at the surface and see a nice image, or look at the details and find the secret meaning.” David M. Buisán describing himself and his art in an interview by Art is Alive.

David M. Buisán has been recently featured on Lürzers Archive 200 Best Illustrators 2011/2012.  Some of David’s prints are availble to purchase over on sociey6.com


07 David M Buisán - surface and surface

15 David M Buisán - surface and surface

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