Gary Coyle

06 Gary Coyle - surface and surfaceBeautiful Photography and charcoal drawings from Dublin based Artist, Photographer, Swimmer Gary Coyle.  Gary Coyle submerges himself in his work, for the last 12 years he has made his Art from the documentation of one part of his life; his daily swim at the 40 foot in Sandycove, Dublin. Everyday he records his route from his house, takes a sample of the water, photographs his point of view and records the event in a diary.

“He was struck by the nakedness and ritual of his fellow swimmers likening it to the components of many of the (art) performances he had seen as a student. For Coyle both the swimmer and the performance artist ‘placed their bodies in very testing and physically demanding environments and frequently in the nude, though to my mind the swimmer was a ‘primitive’ artist…a primitive performance artist’ extract from ad marginem catalogue, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin 2000″

Gary Coyle is represented by the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin.

14 Gary Coyle - surface and surface

02 Gary Coyle - surface and surface

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