Jing Wei

Alphabet - Jing Wei - surface and surface

Minimalist illustrations from Chinese-born Brooklyn based Illustrator / printmaker Jing Wei.  Jing Wei has worked with clients such as New York Times, NPR, Giant Robot, American Airlines and Time Out NY.

“I had a magnetic drawing board that I was obsessed with as a kid. It had a handle, so I would carry it around everywhere. Whenever a family friend came over, I would make them sit while I drew horrendous portraits of them.” Jing Wei on her childhood art work interviewed by Christopher Auger-Domínguez.

Some of Jing Wei’s prints are available to purchase here on her website.


HHMI_brain - Jing Wei - surface and surface

Jing Wei - surface and surface

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  1. Sarah Crowther Artist said:

    I love your alphabet, it’s so clever how you use the positive and negative.

  2. Very very cool. Really loving the textures in her works.

  3. Mark said:

    Thanks for the comments. Yeah the alphabet is very cleverly done, think it is a wood cut. Texture to the colours gives a really nice crafted feel. In some of her pieces the sharp straight lines really jump out against the curved, it’s a very subtle but effective technique.

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