Markku Laakso

06 Markku Laakso - surface and surfaceSurreal large scale paintings from Finnish Artist Markku Laakso.  I saw an exhibition of Markku Laakso in Helsinki last year at Galleria Heino and was very impressed with his work. Markku has an amazing ability with paint which along with his use of very odd juxtaposed subject matter create refreshing work that really has to be seen in person.

“When I was seven years old the death of Elvis Presley made an indelible impression on me. Specifically his death. That moment when the man known to millions was ultimately transformed into a myth and how the myth began to live a life of its own. That moment was my first concrete experience of death and dealing with it. Immediately once a person is departed we begin to think about things that they never got to experience and our personal relationship to that person. When the deceased is a superstar of show business – Elvis, John Lennon or Michael Jackson – we mourn that which we did not have time to experience. We take solace in the belief that the deceased was able to live such a so-called rich life, was able to experience so much and leave behind such an impressive catalogue.”

Markku Laakso is represented by Galleria Heino, Helsinki.

08 Markku Laakso - surface and surface

04 Markku Laakso - surface and surface

11 Markku Laakso - surface and surface

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  1. This is why I read blogs – to find something I never expected to find.


  2. Mark said:

    Glad you liked the post, his work is bizarre! haven’t heard much about him since last year.

  3. Interesting paintings. The Finnish girl has a look of Ann-Margret.

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