Evan Hecox

Evan Hecox - surface and surface SHOREDITCHInspiring work from Colorado based Artist and Designer Evan Hecox.  I saw Evan’s presentation at Offset 2012 in Dublin last weekend and was really impressed with his work and how he’s now experimenting more with composition and material surface.  Evan Hecox’s work is based on photographs he takes himself; simplifying and distilling them down in areas to create graphically beautiful city scenes of everyday places which we would over-look.

“Like snapshots or filmstrips, Hecox’s work encapsulates the everyday existence of average people as they traverse the modern metropolis. This stylistic approach is based on the process of amplification as it affects form and color, breaking down the image, removing certain elements and emphasizing others.”

Evan has done loads of great work for incaseChocolate Skate Boards, Carhartt and has exhibited with both solo and group shows in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo.  He is represented by the JoshuaLiner Gallery and You can follow Evan Hecox’s creative process and influences on his tumblr here giving an insight into the very neat savage looking studio where he works using his own hand made Judd designed chairs.  Watch the video below of Evan creating one of his images for incase.


Evan Hecox - surface and surface brixton_market1

1 Evan Hecox - surface and surface

Evan Hecox - surface and surface islington3

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  1. Mark said:

    Thanks for the comment, yeah his work is really inspiring like Seungyea Park’s it just makes me wanna draw!

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