Andrew Salgado

andrew salagado - surface and surfaceStunning masculine paintings from Canadian Artist Andrew Salgado. The colours in these painting are amazing, there’s so much energy in each one.  His expressive work reminds me of paintings by Jenny Saville.  Andrew has exhibited in London, Berlin, Oslo, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, Merida (Venezuela), Niamey (Niger), Chiang Mai (Thailand), and Busan (Korea, forthcoming 2012).

“The approach taken toward my practice is largely the result of a cathartic incident in 2008, in which a hate-crime assault led to a fascination with the notion that substance might overcome the limitations of its physicality – and that my perspective might transcend solipsism and approach the political. The propulsion for my work is the notion that identity may be (de/re)constructed as a politically charged confrontation of Self.”

Andrew featured in the  Channel 4 (UK) documentary ‘The Science of Art‘ alongside Anish Kapoor and Bridget Riley (2011) in which Matthew Cain (culture editor, Channel 4 News)  examines whether neuroscience can be used to explain – and create.

andrew salagado - surface and surface

andrew salagado - surface and surface

andrew salagado - surface and surface

andrew salagado - surface and surface

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  1. Sarah Crowther Artist said:

    Wow! These are fantastic. They reminded me of Jenny Saville too.

    • Mark said:

      Glad you like them, didn’t think anyone read my blurb! You might also like Simon Birch too

  2. Daniel Balter said:

    I wouldn’t say that these paintings remind me of Jenny Saville I would say that they are plagarizing Jenny Saville. Duh.

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