David Lunney

David Lunney - Surface and SurfaceI was listening to Alarmist’s EP today (instrumental four-piece from Dublin) apart from the great tunes I was really impressed with the Art work by Irish Artist David Lunney.  David studied Fine Art Printmaking in The Rhode Island School of Design and in The National College of Art and Design in Dublin, graduating in 2010.

“In his practice, David Lunney uses the construction and installation of minimal sculptures in natural settings as a vehicle for imagery through which deductive narratives and site specific installations can be drawn. In a certain sense it could be said that Lunney dissects his own practice through these two defined aspects of his work; the maker and recorder. The sculptural installations he makes are made not for their own intrinsic value but rather for the imagery which can be derived from them.”

If you’re around Dublin / Wicklow area you can find one of his site specific sculptures here.  There’s more of David Lunney’s work on his website below and Alarmist are playing at the Camden Crawl Dublin 2012 on Saturday night.  You can listen to their EP here.


David Lunney - Surface and Surface

David Lunney - Surface and SurfaceDavid Lunney - Surface and SurfaceDavid Lunney - Surface and Surface

David Lunney - Surface and Surface

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    • Mark said:

      Thanks for the comment, I saw the band on Saturday really great gig.

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