Kai and Sunny – Dandy Print Edition

DANDY Kai and sunny- surface and surfaceNew limited edition print from Kai and Sunny, only 10 left last time I checked.  The original is part of the ‘Daydreaming with… The Hong Kong edition’ exhibition in Hong Kong running until the 7th of June.  The show brings together over 30 local and international award-winning artists including Nathan Coley, Polly Borland, Jamie Shovlin, Warren Du Preez & Nick Thorton-Jones, Futura, Simon Birch, 3D and Kai and Sunny.  You can see our previous post on the wonderful work of Kai and Sunny here.


DANDY Kai and sunny- surface and surface

  1. How’s your own creative stuff going? Be nice to see some more…

  2. Mark said:

    Hi David, I’ve been keeping busy outside of the 9 to 5. I learned how to screen print last month which was really great. I must get around to putting a portfolio site together. I try to keep this blog about other people’s work that interests me but I might do a post during the week on a project I was involved in the year before last.

    • Screen printing is something that has always intrigued me – it seems so improbable that it would work!

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