Boys and Girls – Twisted Image

Boys and Girls - surface and surfaceGravity defying reception desk for Dublin creative agency Boys and Girls by Twisted Image.  Watch the video below of their previous table made up of 22,000 Lego bricks designed and made by design aficionados ABGC. Photography by Liam Murphy.

Boys and Girls - surface and surface

Boys and Girls - surface and surface

  1. Good shock value, not too shocking and very pretty.

    Is it art?

    The Macbook is crying out to me – pleading to be let down safely from such horrors 😉

  2. i like it.
    it has the power of not beeing anything.
    it is like dada. two globes , with a spider -web between them.

  3. Mark said:

    It’s not gonna change the world but it’s still pretty cool, really like the colours they chose. yeah defo a bit of Dadaism also a hint of Leandro Erlich or even Claes Oldenburg. Really don’t believe the explanation of how it works, pretty sure there’s a tensile cable dropping down from the ceiling concealed in the ballon ribbons.

  4. I liked it too, but I’m not so sure about the colors’ choice for the balloons: I think that maybe lighter colors would be better to emphasize the Jenga block that are really brilliant! Anyway thank you for sharing,
    Artphalt (

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