The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca

The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca surface and surfaceBeautiful short documentary on the making of a Classical Guitar. This film is part of a collection of films called the ‘Art of Making Series’. “Pieces of wood, love, knowledge and 299 hours of work, condensed in a 3 minute film.” This short was made by Dimitris Ladopoulos who is part of Deep Green Sea; a group of multi-disciplinary artists involved in film, animation & experimentation.  Guitarist and composer is Edsart Udo De Haes and the Guitar maker is Vassilis Lazarides.


  1. artchismo said:

    This is a really beautiful film. I really like how it was shot with such detail. Great music too. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • artchismo said:

        🙂 Thanks! I just checked out that site. Really clean and well put together. The illustrations are my fav.

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