Give Away – BLOW Photography Magazine


This Competition is now closed you can find out the winner here.

To celebrate BLOW Photo Magazine’s 2nd Birthday we have a full set of A3/11.7 x 16.5 inch editions (6 in total) the beautiful hand held exhibition that is BLOW; to give away.

“Established in july 2010, BLOW is ireland’s first a3 photography magazine. aimed at photographers of all disciplines, BLOW has set out to offer a platform for both irish and international image makers to have their work seen, debated and discussed.”

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post or on the surface & surface Facebook page letting us know who your favorite photographer is.  I’ll announce the winner during the last week of July.  Spread the word and best of Luck.  Bellow is a few pages from Blow to whet your appetite.

Blow Photography Magazine Surface and Surface

1 Blow Photography Magazine Surface and Surface

Blow Photography Magazine Surface and Surface

Blow Photography Magazine Surface and Surface

Blow Photography Magazine Surface and Surface

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  1. It’s a difficult one. I know the series of photos that include the woman sitting on the bed and I like them a lot. But the still lifes are so good that I am going to say that those two are my favourites.

    • Mark said:

      Haha I meant in the whole world! Looking at the post again, it prob isn’t as clear as I thought. Her name is Alison Bettles

      • My fault – you were clear – I just jumped in and read what I thought you meant without reading what you actually wrote.

        OK – now it is easy – Werner Bischof

  2. Favourite photographer of all time is a draw between Julia Margaret Cameron and Diane Arbus. Favourite contemporary photographer is California wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina.

  3. I think my favourite photographer of all time would have to be Henri Cartier Bresson. Its just too hard to pick a contemporary favourite!

  4. slawek said:

    impossible to choose best photographer 🙂

    • Mark said:

      yeah it’s tough but just has to be your favorite for today

      • worldeveryday said:

        so for today it’s Gregory Crewdson 😉

  5. Michael Wesely – best known for his MOMA series, though I think I prefer his long-exposure portraits. I love his process and patience. But, I’m a process junkie…

  6. melankooli said:

    My favourite photographer is Annie Leibovitz. Very hard to choose, but for me she stands alone. 🙂

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