BLOW Photo Magazine – Give Away

blow-photography-magazine-surface-and-surfaceThanks to everyone who entered the BLOW Photo Magazine give away, I was really impressed with the response and the variety of Photographers named in the entries. I’ve put together an image from each below, a lot of them I had never heard of so really happy to discover new talent. I’ve chosen the winner at random earlier today and it’s Lisa O’Dwyer who’s now the proud owner of a full set of BLOW Photo magazine, congratulations. Thanks again to BLOW for giving us the prize and you can preview all their publication on their site below.

Lambis Stratoudakis surface and surface

Lambis Stratoudakis

Henri Cartier Bresson surface and surface

Henri Cartier Bresson

Martin Stranka surface and surface

Martin Stranka

Robert Frank surface and surface

Robert Frank

Harry Gruyaert surface and surface

Harry Gruyaert

michael wesely surface and surface

Michael Wesely

Annie Leibovitz surface and surface

Annie Leibovitz

Werner Bischof surface and surface

Werner Bischof

nick knight surface and surface

Nick Knight

Julia Margaret Cameron surface and surface

Julia Margaret Cameron

Diane Arbus surface and surface
Diane Arbus

elizabeth messina surface and surface
Elizabeth Messina

Gregory Crewdson surface and surface
Gregory Crewdson

  1. Thanks so much! I’m so excited to have won! I love seeing the photographers everyone picked too.

  2. Great compilation of images – what a nice idea! Congrats to Lisa!

    • Mark said:

      Cheers Emily! yeah thanks so much for everyone who got involved really liked the variety

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