Water Light Graffiti – Antonin Fourneau

Water Light GraffitiBrilliant interactive lighting installation; “Water Light Graffiti” by Antonin Fourneau made during his residency at Digitalarti Artlab. When the LEDs on the wall come in contact with water either by paintbrush,  atomizers, fingers or anything damp they light up to varying degrees depending on the moisture. “Water Light Graffiti is a wall for ephemeral messages in the urban space without deterioration. A wall to communicate and share magically in the city.” The video below is by Digitalarti and music by Jankenpopp. You can see images of the wall being made on Facebook.


Water Light Graffiti

    • Mark said:

      Yeah it’s pretty deadly alright, you should check out http://www.uva.co.uk if you’re interested in light installations, they’ve done load of it for the likes of Radiohead and massive attack.

      • Really, I’ve just known it. Thanks to you. I’ll check it out… 🙂

  1. Stephanie said:

    The light is very interesting. The design is very novelty and unique. I hope these paintings will become popular in other countries as well. Many people label graffiti paintings as vandalism but I think this particular kind of it could finally make a positive impression on them. What immediately came to my mind when I saw the pictures was the so-called Graffiti Panel that is about to be established here in Toronto to check the city walls and deem the paintings either art or vandalism. However, I am afraid the panel members might be prejudiced which would mean that each and every graffiti painting in Toronto could very easily be removed and an important part of our city’s artistic creation would thus be lost. Do they really think this is the best way to fight vandalism?

    • Mark said:

      Thanks for the comment Stephanie, you raised some interesting points. I do think street art has become much more mainstream now with the likes of Banksy becoming a household name and the gritty graff look now being used frequently in advertising and company branding. I think the majority of people will always label graffiti as vandalism as the majority of it is pretty awful. Personally I can’t stand repetitive taggingIng which in my opinion gives street art it’s bad name. In Dublin there’s a lot more outlets for street artists to paint now a days but this can always be improved. I always think of street art as a transient thing, you’ll see a piece on a wall somewhere in the city and a few weeks later it’ll be painted over and then a new piece shows up. That’s what I love about street art, this constant change.

  2. Lucie said:

    I love the way it’s called graffiti and how everyone can participate (or at least it looks like it). I’d say this is how graffiti should be understood – everybody is part of street art because you live with/in it and it appears to change your personal environment. I know a lot of people do not understand the concept of street art but art in open space is usually meant to be seen, to be respected before it’s over-painted.
    As you said, viewers or people who pass by are in constant change and so is street art – so art is just representing daily changes, weekly bad or good moods, and so on.
    I have never seen this very unique light/water installation – I wouldn’t even call it street art by itself, it’s a street art installation. Amazing!

    • Mark said:

      thanks for getting in contact glad you liked the post, the idea of participation in art in the public realm is really interesting I particularly like the work of Olafur Eliasson and United Visual Artists

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