DDB China – Green Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian-Crossing-ddbchina- surface and surface 1Creative agency DDB China put together this project in Shanghai to urge people to do their bit and help the environment by walking more and driving less. By laying a huge canvas with a leafless tree on the road, pedestrians were encouraged to walk across sponge cushions soaked in green environmentally friendly washable and quick dry paint in turn rendering footprint leaves on the tree. The images are great and it’s a very clever concept but I’m not sure how much of an effect something like this would have on such a huge country as China, I guess every little helps. You can watch DDB China’s promotional video here.

PedestrianCrossing - ddbchina - surface and surface

1 comment
  1. It’s hard to know how much influence a project like this could have. It could be the picture in the mind of people who vote for some environmentally-friendly proposal far in the future.

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