James Appleton – Iceland

Mark Halpin - Iceland - surface and surfaceI’ve spent the last week in Iceland sitting in hot water, drinking way too much beer and moss, walking through freezing landscapes and checking out Design March Reykjavik. I’ll be doing a few more post of what I saw on the trip but first of all here are some photos by British Photographer James Appleton of the Eyjafjallajökull ice cap in Iceland where back in 2010 volcanic eruptions grounded air travel through out Europe.

By complete coincidence James was shooting a promo video for up coming projects when we visited the Gullfoss waterfall, that’s my photo of him above, putting himself in tremendous danger to take photos of the largest waterfall in Europe.


James Appleton - surface and surface James Appleton - surface and surface  James Appleton - surface and surfaceJames Appleton - surface and surfaceJames Appleton - surface and surface

    • Mark said:

      It’s an amazing country really recommend a visit

  1. Beautiful pictures! I never actually thought of going to Iceland – but I will have to think again!

    • Mark said:

      Definitely go, March and September are the best months for the Northern Lights

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