1. thetangent333 said:

    Reblogged this on Tangent and commented:
    Very stylish…

  2. Enigma said:

    Excelente, como es habitual, si hay un impulso preciso para el ser humano es el arte en las manos creativas del artista…

  3. Echo Marie Johnson said:

    Wow, very cool style. I enjoy it very much. Especially like the Amy Winehouse piece…very powerful.

  4. kabirgandhiok said:

    What a fantastic blog you have yourself! Really cool pictures, glad to have found you!

  5. The technique is wonderful. It gives an amazingly interesting texture to both the contemporary eye and I truly ❤ the feeling and emotion it stimulates in me.

  6. Laravonlion said:

    This is AMAZING!

  7. Very nice control of shapes and color to create people; add to that typography and it becomes awesome!

    • Mark said:

      yeah his work is consistently sharp

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