1. Good concept – not sure how many of them I could take. Some are more captivating than others. I like the fourth one down – maybe it’s the colours and that it seems possible that the person has the wings. What about you?

    • Mark said:

      Yeah the fourth one is very nice, as with most artists they discover a theme and stick with it. The sign of a great artist is one who reinvents themselves over and over again.

  2. twinstylehunters said:

    Looks amazing!

  3. justmrx said:

    This is so great! Capturing the softness of the feathers is brilliant and the capturing of the woman in a tasteful artistic nude setting well done!

    • Mark said:

      they are amazing paintings

  4. These make me emotional, their captivatingly elegant, feminine and sophisticated. Love them!

    • Mark said:

      they really are beautiful paintings

  5. Personally the most i like is the last one, the movement of the wings, the color of the bird, and the form se touch the wings. Its an erotic, elegant and poetic way to see the relation between the animal and the human.

    • Mark said:

      The intertwining of arms and wings makes for a powerful composition

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