My name is Mark, I’m a designer from Dublin.  I like long walks on the beach and watching the sun set.  This is Surface & Surface, a selection of Art & Design Choice Cuts that have caught my eye.  If you’d like to get in contact about some great project you’ve been working on send me an email to you can see some of my work here.

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for liking my post and photos of the Grand Canyon. I appreciate you stopping by at my blog.


  2. Big Fan 88 said:

    Very enjoyable blog, keep up the good work… There could be a plate of food in it for you! Ah come on!

    • Mark said:

      Cheers man, looking forward to that plate!

  3. I am very pleased to have found your blog. Lots of interesting posts, I have bookmarked it to explore further when I have more time to do so.

    • Mark said:

      Thanks for the bookmark, glad you like surface & surface!

  4. Ben said:

    Really enjoying your excellent blog, a big cut above most.
    Cheers and keep up the good work.


    • Mark said:

      Thanks Ben glad you’re enjoying the blog

    • Mark said:

      Thanks for getting in contact! Glad you like the content

  5. Great site Mark! Like wandering through an art gallery, right here at my desk. Keep it up!

    • Mark said:

      Thanks Ian, glad you’re enjoying the content. I like your drawings there’s a touch of Ching there.

      • That’s very kind of you! I’d forgotten about him. I used to love looking over his pencil drawings when i was a student.

  6. Mark, so glad to have found your blog. It is absolutely terrific!! Congratulations!

    Elliott (

    • Mark said:

      Hi Elliott thanks for the comment, really glad you like the blog. You’ve got some great content there too, the story about the ‘Nazi-Looted Art Hidden in a German Mine’ was fascinating.

      • Mark, it is a fascinating story. I’m waiting anxiously for the outcome!

        Best. Elliott

  7. xartpunkartx said:

    great blog, very inspiring ! can’t stop watchin’


    • Mark said:

      Hey, Thanks for the feedback glad you’re enjoying the content.

  8. Mark said:

    Hey, Thanks for your kind words. Really glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  9. Hi, I just wanted let you know that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award, you have a great eye for selecting inspiring images. Thank you. To find out a little more info about the award just follow this link to my blog and then maybe you will feel like passing it on too? (

    • Mark said:

      Hi Nicola, Thanks for the nomination really pleased you like the blog. A drawing a day is a cool idea, loving the variety

    • Mark said:

      Thanks glad you liked the content

    • Mark said:

      thanks for the nomination, glad you like the blog!

    • Mark said:

      Thanks for the kind words

    • Mark said:

      Thanks, glad you enjoy the blog!

    • Mark said:

      thanks! I just post stuff I see in galleries, books, magazines or on the street. It’s a way of book marking the stuff I like

    • Mark said:

      Thanks Samantha, really glad you like the blog

  10. A really great idea, Mark. Thanks a lot for this blog!

    • Mark said:

      Cheers Vera, glad you like the blog

  11. Great blog, so much fun to look at, I just sent you an email.

    • Mark said:

      Thanks Helen really happy you like the blog, there’s just so much good stuff out there

  12. Your blog is so interesting. I loved looking through the posts!

  13. Wow great blog! Interesting bits of art – just amazing. Why do you call yourself surface & surface anyway? But I mean reading your blog is great! The most recent ‘returning home’ post really caught my eye. It’s Hong Kong right? I’m from Hong Kong too! So nice. If you happen to like digital art, feel free to visit my site. It’s quite new but I’ll hopefully update it from time to time. 🙂

  14. deborahdemuijnck said:

    Mark, I really enjoy your blog! Awesome choice of topic, and I really appreciate the clean, minimalistic design you’ve given it. Makes i much easier to focus on your photography (do you take all the photos yourself?). Really excited to see what other stuff you will be writing about in the upcoming time. I also work as a journalist in the communications- and product-design area, so it’s always nice to get further inspiration from other aficionados.
    If you like, check out my (private) blog. Which made private sound slightly dirty… Actually, it’s just supposed to mean that it’s not work-related 😀

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