talos - Tethered Bones -  feel good lost - surface and surfaceI saw this over on Nialler9 last week and I’ve had it on repeat all weekend. So early but I doubt anything else will beat this for song of the year. It’s by a Cork based Irish musician who goes by the moniker of Talos and accompanied by yet another emotionally charged video from Feel Good Lost, who have been mentioned a few times on Surface & Surface before namely the recent video for Hozier, Take me to the Church. Tethered Bones is the only song I could find by Talos so far but really looking forward to what comes next. You can watch the video or just listen to the song on the soundcloud link below.

Annie Atkins - Budapest Hotel ExhibitionDublin based Welsh creative Annie Atkins who was also the lead graphic designer for Wes Anderson’s new crime-caper ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ has teamed up with the Lighthouse CinemaDublin for an exhibition ‘A Brief Survey of Graphic Design from the Empire of Zubrowka (1932-1968)’  which has a selection of graphic props she designed for the film. It’s running until Monday 24th March 2014  at the Lighthouse, hopefully I’ll catch it next week and get to see the film.

Annie Atkins - Budapest Hotel Exhibition Annie Atkins - Budapest Hotel Exhibition Annie Atkins - Budapest Hotel Exhibition Annie Atkins - Budapest Hotel Exhibition Annie Atkins - Budapest Hotel Exhibition Annie Atkins - Budapest Hotel Exhibition Annie Atkins - Budapest Hotel Exhibition

The_Gap_Ira Glass_Daniel Sax_surface_and_surfaceI saw this during the week over on Swiss Miss. A visual representation video by Daniel Sax of a piece of advice for beginners Ira Glass of ‘This American Life‘ fame gave about storytelling on PRI. David Shiyang Lius did the original video version back in 2012 and Daniel was so inspired by it he made his own version below. You can see David Shiyang Lius video here also.

FOUR TET - surface and surfaceI saw this new video about Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) over on Nialler9 today. One of my favorite albums Rounds is now a decade old. The short film was made by the Creators Project, directed by Dan Wilde and made from animated stills. In it Hebden talks about his daily routine while making his third album and insights into how some of the tracks came about. From influences as broad as the euro star, falling in love to Dawson’s Creek; Rounds is a beautifully versatile classic everyone should listen to.

noah tiff - surface and surfaceRomance in the digital age. A clever short film directed by Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg recently shown at the Toronto Film festival. The story unfolds entirely on the main character’s laptop screen, depicting the highs and eventual lows of his (Noah’s) relationship with his girlfriend. Warning: random scenes of male full frontal nudity.

 vampire-weekend-step_surface-and-surfaceI think this may has been around for a while but just saw it today. It’s a really great song and really really understated video. Directed by Greg Brunkalla and more than likely influenced by Neal Boenzi‘s cover art image for ‘Vampires of the City’ which was taken in 1966 on the smoggiest day in New York City history, when approximately 170 people died from air pollution.

Claude Friese-Greene - surface and surfaceI saw this today over on Death and Taxes. A rare colour glimpse of London in the 1920’s touched up by the British Film Institute. Claude Friese-Greene made the film with using a technique called Biocolour, innovated by his father. Some nice shots of Hyde park and a stage fraught Bobby in front of Big Ben all nearly 100 years ago. Music by Jonquil and Yann Tiersen. More videos from his film ‘Open Road’ on the BFI’s youtube channel here.

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