the mast brothers surface and surfaceThe Mast Brother‘s are craft chocolate makers based in Brooklyn, New York.  Their produce is all handmade; even down to the packaging.  The short films below by The Scout Magazine and Conor Hagen document Rick and Michael Mast developing their business concept of basic traditional production by sailing to the Dominican Republic to create a deeper connection with the families who grow the coco beans they use in their chocolate. Fairly Hipstertastic but you got to admire these guys, it’s really great to see something like this becoming a viable business.

Great new magazine cover design by the Hamburg based creative studio ‘Paperlux’ for Novum magazine.  Comprising of 1,000 faceted and colored triangles that can be bent along lines.  Inspired by the ideas and structural designs of Buckminster Fuller.   The production process was in conjunction with printarena (printing and punching), Jürgen Jeurink (Punch) and EMAG GmbH paper finishing (lamination).

“Provided in 48 000 print passes and with 140 punch cuts per issue, six different colored covers created without re-exposure plate. The result? A cover that can be shaped into geometric three-dimensional figures, and thus invites to play.”

Watch the short video to find out more about the whole process.



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