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08 Brad Kunkle - surface and surfacePhenomenal Paintings from New York based Artist and Musician Brad Kunkle.  Brad Kunkle creates beautifully surreal paintings using a limited palate and silver and gold leaf, influenced by Gustav Klimt and Maxfield Parrish. Brad’s female subjects blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural landscape.

“His use of this leaf creates ominous mood shifts in the paintings that, with a simple flick of a light switch, can completely change the work’s intensity and dimension.”  Quiet Color

Brad Kunkle will be having a solo exhibition at Arcadia Gallery, New York in April 2012.

01 Brad Kunkle - surface and surface

13 Brad Kunkle - surface and surface

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04 Hellovon von surface and surface

Beautiful surreal graphic work blending fashion portraiture, typography and images of nature from London based Artist and Illustrator Von.  Von has worked with the likes of Nike, Ted Baker, 4AD, Penguin, Ministry of Sound, Wallpaper, Rolling Stone and The Guardian.

“Influenced by nature and popular culture his work flawlessly walks the line between surrealism and documentary, it is both detailed and abstract, capturing a mood in what appears to be a fleeting moment in time.”

Prints and originals of his work are available on his site here.  Watch the short film made for the ‘Semblance’ launch at Protein’s 18 Hewett St Gallery (24.11.11) by London based film maker Andrew Telling. Von will be speaking at this years Offset Festival taking place in Dublin on 9th, 10th and 11th of March.

09 Hellovon von surface and surface

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02 please releasle the hounds-Colm MacAthlaoich-surface and surface

Drawings, paintings and print work from Dublin based Artist Colm MacAthlaoich.  Colm’s work draws on the themes and influences of “colour, music, people, landscape and architecture.”

“Often letting the process determine the outcome allowing subconscious patterns to emerge which allows for an exciting abstraction of reality.”

Colm MacAthlaoich is currenlty studio coordinator and technician at Black Church Print Studio Dublin.  He is a member of the Graphic Studio Print-Makers in 2005 and a co-founder of S and has work with the Sunday Tribune, Irish Times, Mongrel Magazine, Dazed and Confused Magazine,  Icarus Magazine,  Image Magazine, LeCool and Carlsberg.barca-milan-Colm MacAthlaoich-surface and surface

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02 Ryan Andrews - nothing is forgotten - surface and surface

Great  illustrations from California and Japan based Artist Ryan Andrews.  Ryan Andrews works with ink, watercolour and a bit of Photoshop to create his dark and moody comics and illustrations.

Ryan has a very insightful entry in his blog about the process he uses to create his work here. I really recommend that you check out his comics / graphic silent short-stories Nothing is Forgotten and his new story Sarah and the Seed’. You can find even more work on Ryan’s blog.

Cheers to Feargal for showing me Ryan’s work.

10 Ryan Andrews - surface and surface

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08 Paul Winstanley - surface and surface

Photo-real still life and interior landscape paintings from Manchester born London based Artist Paul Winstanley.  Working from Photographs he takes himself, Paul Winstanley depicts the mundane moments of everyday life; waiting rooms; carparks; hallways in and extraordinary way.

“There are common denominators to all experience, how we live our lives, where we live, what we remember. There are cultural connections between us all. I try and find subject matter at this fundamental level; at a level that sparks recognition. It is the extremely ordinary things in life where these connections can be found. In developing images of these situations the ordinary becomes extraordinary and we see them anew. Everywhere there are beautiful things. Life is amazing.” Dazed Digital

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06 Danleo - surface and surfaceFantastic Graphic Work from Dublin based Artist Danleo.  After studying Graphic Design and Animation Danleo spends his time creating hand painted Murals with a technique of brush applied spray paint that he describes as “clean, bold and colourful.”

“Most of my recent work has been centred on the idea of harmony between species and ancient beliefs so I take a lot of influence from foreign cultures and ideas that may no longer be in practise. “

You can find an interview Danleo did with back in 2009 here. Watch the video below by Mr Paul Mahon of Danleo producing one of his amazing murals or click here to watch the the making of his LeCool cover.

Prints of Danleo’s work are on sale through Gallery Number One as part of the FTLO Progress exhibition as seen in a previous post on Surface & Surface and you can see loads more amazing work on Danleo’s Flickr page here.

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08 Cesar Santos - surface and surfaceJuxtaposed paintings from Cuban-American Artist Cesar Santos.  Cesar’s Painting combine both the classical and the modern in an ironic way to form new impressions of Art History.

“My artistic energy drives me to arrange elusive figures and objects in conceptual designs, yet rendering them in a believable and convincing way. I bring both worlds – theoretical and naturalistic – into communion: taking objects out of their natural context to create a new environment for them, a new reality or world for us.”

Check out his site for more traditional landscape and portrait paintings.

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11 Daria Pietryka - surfaceandsurface.comBeautiful paintings from Polish Artist and Architect Daria Pietryka.

“She believes that art and architecture are inseparable elements, and that they permeates through each other. She perceives building as a functional sculpture, interior as an abstract composition.”

I was very impressed with her exhibition ‘The Peculiar Case of Ms Cloud’ in 2010 at the Mill Theatre Dundrum in Dublin.

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04 Deirdre Hayden -

Multi-layered oil paintings on canvas and wood from Irish Artist Deirdre Hayden.

“Deirdre Hayden’s work – the abstracted scenes, images of ice, trees, mountains and more-often literal and mythical renditions are based part in reality, part in a perceived representation of dreams that transport one in time to a visual and emotional landscape.”

Since graduating from Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design with a Degree in Fine Art Deirdre Hayden′s work has shown in galleries such as the Stone Gallery, Ard Bia, Mermaid Arts Centre, and Kanal 20, Brussels.

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16 Ann Quinn - surfaceandsurface.comOtherworldly paintings from Donegal Artist Ann Quinn. Ann works from images taken while traveling. Her work evokes places visited, moments experienced and spaces imagined

“I have had moments when the sun has gone down, the sky is still blue, stars are starting to appear and I have felt completely in tune with the land around me, as if I were watching a story I know unfold before my eyes. My paintings are an attempt to capture these moments.”

Ann Quinn had a solo exhibition at the Cross Gallery in June this year entitled ‘She would argue a crow is white’, with work from her residency in the Pyrenees, Catalonia in November 2010, a residency at the Heinrich Boll Cottage in Achill Island in 2010 and the time of heavy snow at her childhood home in East Donegal, 2010.

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