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noah tiff - surface and surfaceRomance in the digital age. A clever short film directed by Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg recently shown at the Toronto Film festival. The story unfolds entirely on the main character’s laptop screen, depicting the highs and eventual lows of his (Noah’s) relationship with his girlfriend. Warning: random scenes of male full frontal nudity.

 Harrys / Pepepiano - surface and surfaceHere’s a really great video by the fantastic film makers Harrys for Fallopian Dudes by Pepepiano. It’s like a happy summer version of Radiohead’s ‘Street Spirit’. You can listen to the full album ‘Kings’ on their bandcamp. If you liked this one check out Harry’s video for Toro Y Moi’s ‘Say That’.

[vimeo w=550&h=400]

Amoungst Inspiration Series - Paul Hughes - surface and surfacePart 4 of the ‘Amongst Inspiration Series’ by James Cooper with the Dublin based Painter Paul Hughes has arrived.  Watch below a really great insight into the thinking and life of artist Paul Hughes, represented in London by Tanya Baxter of the Kings Road Gallery.  You can watch the first 3 parts with interviews with Photographer Clíona O’Flaherty, U2 Art Director Steve Averill and Illustrator Chris Judge hereVia Synth Eastwood.

2 Amoungst  Inspiration Series - Paul Hughes - surface and surface

Callum Cooper - Full Circle - surface and surface

I saw this video over on Booooooom and was blown away.  Simple concept but just looks amazing!

“Full Circle is the first fashion film for new London / Melbourne label Klezinski. Klezinski makes apparel, accessories, art and interior products utilising sustainable manufacturing processes and materials. This film is a creative collaboration between film-maker Callum Cooper, sound artist John Kassab and Klezinski. Full Circle is a showcase of hand-crafted fashion pieces from its initial range. All clothing and accessories in this film are created by Klezinski.”

You can watch both shorts by Callum below with audio by John kassab.

City Solstice Ronan Coyle - surface and surfaceA really nice light installation using a forgotten stain-glass window on Camden Street Upper in Dublin.  Ronan Coyle uses his project to draw people’s attention back to this unnoticed piece of architectural heritage.

“An Event to mark the Winter Solstice in the City with an animated illumination of the beautiful Stained Glass window on 4 Camden Street Upper, the workshop of the famous Early & Co ecclesiastical suppliers. It’s there to help lighten the darkest days a little and provide a chance to admire the craftsmanship of their prestigious stained glass artists.”

Watch the video below to see the whole process and people’s reaction to the piece. You can find out more on the city solstice facebook page here and another project by Ronan here.

up there - mother ny 01

 A fantastic documentary I saw a while back.

“Stella Artois and Mother provide a brief, but inspiring glimpse behind the rare profession of sign painting in the documentary film “Up There”.

The film was shot over two months telling the stories of the New York Painters who are struggling to keep this advertising method alive.  Directed by Malcolm Murray, produced by mekanism and based on an original concept developed by the advertising agency Mother NY.


Up There


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