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Dan Mathers - surface and surface I was in Look Mum No Hands on Old Street in London today for a coffee and saw the work of Dan Mather pasted all over the bathroom (that’s not me in the photo, just and image from Dan’s site) You can buy his velocipede influenced prints through LMNH and see loads more of his graphic design and screen printing work on his site below.

Dan Mathers - surface and surface Dan Mathers - surface and surfaceDan Mathers - surface and surface Dan Mathers - surface and surface Dan Mathers - surface and surface Dan Mathers - surface and surface Dan Mathers - surface and surface

josip kelava - surface and surface“Bold, confident and memorable” work from Croatian born Melbourne based designer Josip Kelava. I really love Josip’s posters for the ‘Melbourne Dance Company’, such elegant intertwining of image and typography.  Josip Kelava is a Senior Designer at Clemenger BBDO and has done some great design work for Click Magazine, Dulux, Fosters, HP, Libra, Melbourne Dance Company and Mercedes-Benz. You can see on Josip Kelava’s site below his personal photography and more commissioned design work along with process and design development.

josip kelava - surface and surface

josip kelava - surface and surface

josip kelava - surface and surface

josip kelava - surface and surface

josip kelava - surface and surface

josip kelava - surface and surface

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04 Olly Moss - Surface and Surface

Fantastic work from British Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer Olly Moss. Olly’s broad output comprises of works from self-initiated and commercial projects for Sony Entertainment, Nike, Apple, Paramount, CBS Films, Penguin Books, Urban Outfitters, Levis, The New York Times and Time Magazine.

“I’ve used Victorian silhouettes in my work a lot before. I remember I did this sort of stupid, Penguin video game book cover for The Sims and it had a big wall of these things and I’ve always really liked the aesthetic. So I thought ‘Oh I can do a whole gallery show like this.’ You’ve just got to keep it different. I’ve got a bunch of other ideas and doing something like this where you’re given a space to transform, is totally new. I just want to keep trying new stuff and new media.”  Olly Moss on his ‘Paper Cuts’ solo show at gallery 1988 interviewed by Germain Lussier.

Olly Moss will be giving a talk on his work at Offset 2012 in Dublin. Watch the video below by Threadless of Olly’s solo show at Gallery 1988 last year.

08 Olly Moss - Surface and Surface

03 Olly Moss - Surface and Surface

02 Olly Moss - Surface and Surface

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09 Nigel Peake - Surface and SurfaceSome great illustration and graphic design from Northern Irish Artist Nigel Peake.  After training as an Architect in 2005 Nigel worked on various cultural and commercial projects as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer and is currently based in Ireland.

“My observations of farms and the land are from an outsider’s view. Gleaned from observations as I used to sit at my table doing homework watching the farmers and their machines work the land. This book is a record of a quiet place that nearly everyone has visited at some point, and the farmland is part of this—a place where the lanes of farms run along the lake that is beside the hill of trees that is neighbor to open spaces.” Nigel Peake on his recent book ‘In the Wilds’ interview by Rosecrans Baldwin from ‘The Morning News’

Nigel Peake’s drawings and paintings have been exhibited internationally and he has worked on projects for the likes of Hermès, Dwell, Habitat, The Royal Horticultural Society, Brown Thomas, Architecture Review, Icon, Blueprint and Eastpak.  Some of Nigel Peake’s publications are available on his site here and throughout Analogue Books here.

18 Nigel Peake - Surface and Surface

22 Nigel Peake - Surface and Surface

15 Nigel Peake - Surface and Surface

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04 Jonathan Ellery - Browns - surface and surfaceGreat Graphic Design work and Sculpture from English Artist and Designer Jonathan Ellery co-founder of Browns Design Studio.  Browns is now run by Jonathan Ellery and Claire Warner with diverse commissions from cultural and commercial clients including Channel 4, Hiscox, Bafta, Mulberry and Dries van Norten.

“The concept of his work is constant while the materials come and go, from traditional Portland stone and machined brass to digital technology and sound. The notion of sequence and of a gentle, unfolding narrative is at the core of his art, enforcing a distinctive Ellery language that offers each work as one part of a continuous and burgeoning series, strengthened by its succession.”

You can watch an interview with Jonathan about his work with Mulberry in Hong Kong here.  Brown publications are available through Brown Editions here.

12 Jonathan Ellery - Browns - surface and surface

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03 dan flynn surface and surfaceSome nice video work and web design from Dublin born / London-based Graphic Designer / Model Dan Flynn. After graduating from IADT (Dublin) in 2009 he was accepted into the Threex3 programme. Upon completion he moved to London and now works for Spin on projects for a diverse range of clients.

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24 Jonathan McHugh - Surface and Surface

Jonathan McHugh

A new collaboration project from ‘The Small Print’ in Dublin.

“We invited 26 of the very best illustrators we know from all over the globe and produced 52 original pieces (1 letter and 1 illustration based on the letter each) which are available to buy, digitally printed, in A2, A1 & AO formats. A huge variety of wonderful talents from Oliver Jeffers (A) to Chris Haughton (Z) make up this newly imagined alphabet. Encompassing a broad range of disciplines and concepts, The Illustrated Alphabet has shaped up to be quite the  visual adventure. We reckon it’s pretty amazing, but you can be the judge of that!”

Alan Clarke/ Ben Newman/ Bjorn Lie / BRENB / Craig & Karl / Chris Haughton / Dick Hogg / Eduardo Recife / Emily Forgot / Genevieve Gauckler / Jonathan McHugh / Joven Kerekes / Kevin Waldron / Martin Haake / Michael Gillette / Nate Williams / Olaf Hajek / Oliver Jeffers / Rilla Alexander / Serge Seidlitz / Steeve Doogan / Steve Simpson / Tara McPhearson / Tomm Moore / Una Gildea

PRINTS are now available to buy via in varying sizes – an A2 print will set you back £30, an A1 print will cost £60, and an A0 is £120.

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13 Tomer Hanuka - Surface and SurfaceSome ‘magical realism’ from New York based Israeli Illustrator and cartoonist Tomer Hanuka. Tomer Hanuka’s diverse out-put includes a range of projects for magazines, book publishers, ad agencies and film studio. I saw his presentation at Offset in Dublin last year where he gave an interesting insight to his work.  Tomer is currently working on a graphic novel with this twin brother Asaf and writer Boaz Lavie. You can find a great interview Computer Arts did with Tomer Hanuka in August about his work and process here.

“We’re surrounded by American comic books, this is the late 70s, the windows are open, and a warm wind blows in. It’s summer – it’s always summer in the Middle East – yellow, dusty. The comics are just so mysterious and majestic; an unreachable light in a faraway land. It’s more beautiful and exciting than anything else around. Years later I pack a suitcase and move to New York, looking for that hypnotic land of full-colour magic. Eventually I had to concede that I’ll never find it, the light remains out of reach. And that was the point – getting lost.” Tomer Hanuka refering to his momories of growing up in Israel.

His new book ‘Overkill’ is available on amazon.

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01 Atelier Olschinsky - surfaceandsurfaceSome nice deconstructivism from Vienna based creative studio ‘Atelier Olschinsky’, working since 2002 in the areas of graphic design, illustration, photography and art direction.

“It is just so important to work as much as you can, to learn and to be open to new things. The journey is the award.”

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