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09 Nigel Peake - Surface and SurfaceSome great illustration and graphic design from Northern Irish Artist Nigel Peake.  After training as an Architect in 2005 Nigel worked on various cultural and commercial projects as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer and is currently based in Ireland.

“My observations of farms and the land are from an outsider’s view. Gleaned from observations as I used to sit at my table doing homework watching the farmers and their machines work the land. This book is a record of a quiet place that nearly everyone has visited at some point, and the farmland is part of this—a place where the lanes of farms run along the lake that is beside the hill of trees that is neighbor to open spaces.” Nigel Peake on his recent book ‘In the Wilds’ interview by Rosecrans Baldwin from ‘The Morning News’

Nigel Peake’s drawings and paintings have been exhibited internationally and he has worked on projects for the likes of Hermès, Dwell, Habitat, The Royal Horticultural Society, Brown Thomas, Architecture Review, Icon, Blueprint and Eastpak.  Some of Nigel Peake’s publications are available on his site here and throughout Analogue Books here.

18 Nigel Peake - Surface and Surface

22 Nigel Peake - Surface and Surface

15 Nigel Peake - Surface and Surface

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