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07 Gabhann Dunne - Surface and SurfacePaintings form award winning Irish Artist Gabhann Dunne.

“the serenely coloured worlds of Gabhann Dunne have a visionary and elegiac quality as an Irish sensibility coalesces both Irish and American mythologies. Geographic features, figures and wolves emerge from hazy ground, and the artist demonstrates the haunting, lyrical qualities that can be drawn from paint. In The Fold, the spaces of painting emerge in a most satisfying exhibition.”

The Irish Times, May 2011

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13 Joseph Walsh - Surface and SurfaceMind bending bespoke woodwork from Cork based creative Joseph Walsh.  Having started out as a one man studio in 1999 it has now expanded into a highly skilled and innovative team of Irish and international craftspeople.  This high level of knowledge and technical ability has allowed them to explore many interpretations of any given conceptual starting point.  Joseph Walsh’s work is currently on show in the ‘Now and Then’ group show at the ‘Oliver Sears Gallery’ until the 31st of January 2012.

“Joseph Walsh expresses his passion and imagination through his work ethic and commitment to exploring the depth and potential of wood as structure, form, material, technology and ecology. His work is a testament to the beauty of pursuing the mastery of a material and exploring a life’s work by learning from each experience. His wood pieces move like the wind, bend like paper, mold like clay and have the strength of bone. We continue to be delighted by the potential wood has and await every project Walsh does to rediscover this material wonder.”     Yatzer, September 2010

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