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06 David Hockney Royal Academy surface and surfaceI went to see the David Hockney exhibition in the Royal Academy in London last week.  It was pretty impressive, the amount of work on show and the sheer scale of some of it.  Really great bright coloured paintings, photo montage, iPad drawings and films in the playful Hockney style.  The Royal Academy’s open till midnight some nights so worth checking out even if you have to squeeze it into a pub crawl!

Watch the video below of a Channel 4 interview with David Hockney.

07 David Hockney Royal Academy surface and surface

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08 Paul Winstanley - surface and surface

Photo-real still life and interior landscape paintings from Manchester born London based Artist Paul Winstanley.  Working from Photographs he takes himself, Paul Winstanley depicts the mundane moments of everyday life; waiting rooms; carparks; hallways in and extraordinary way.

“There are common denominators to all experience, how we live our lives, where we live, what we remember. There are cultural connections between us all. I try and find subject matter at this fundamental level; at a level that sparks recognition. It is the extremely ordinary things in life where these connections can be found. In developing images of these situations the ordinary becomes extraordinary and we see them anew. Everywhere there are beautiful things. Life is amazing.” Dazed Digital

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11-Kevin-Cosgrove_surfaceandsurface.comSkillfully understated paintings from Irish born Artist Kevin Cosgrove.

 “Cosgrove sees himself as craftsman, or artisan, and accordingly his art is superbly constructed and carefully articulated. His relatively traditional upbringing in a mining community in the central heartlands of Ireland has instilled a strong sense of survival, craft and industry into his skilfully austere and muted canvases of under-populated workplaces: factories, workshops, industrial yards and offices..”

Kevin Cosgrove is represented by Mother’s Tankstation in Dublin and is exhibiting his work along with Mairead O’hEocha and Ian Burns at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Santa Monica from the 19th to the 22nd of January 2012.

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16 Ann Quinn - surfaceandsurface.comOtherworldly paintings from Donegal Artist Ann Quinn. Ann works from images taken while traveling. Her work evokes places visited, moments experienced and spaces imagined

“I have had moments when the sun has gone down, the sky is still blue, stars are starting to appear and I have felt completely in tune with the land around me, as if I were watching a story I know unfold before my eyes. My paintings are an attempt to capture these moments.”

Ann Quinn had a solo exhibition at the Cross Gallery in June this year entitled ‘She would argue a crow is white’, with work from her residency in the Pyrenees, Catalonia in November 2010, a residency at the Heinrich Boll Cottage in Achill Island in 2010 and the time of heavy snow at her childhood home in East Donegal, 2010.

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07 Gabhann Dunne - Surface and SurfacePaintings form award winning Irish Artist Gabhann Dunne.

“the serenely coloured worlds of Gabhann Dunne have a visionary and elegiac quality as an Irish sensibility coalesces both Irish and American mythologies. Geographic features, figures and wolves emerge from hazy ground, and the artist demonstrates the haunting, lyrical qualities that can be drawn from paint. In The Fold, the spaces of painting emerge in a most satisfying exhibition.”

The Irish Times, May 2011

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08 Cian McLoughlin - Surface and Surface

Paintings and drawings from Dublin based Artist Cian McLoughlin. Cian McLoughlin works in the discipline of both landscape and portrait art. Included are images of Cian’s chalk on paper work from his forthcoming solo exhibition at the Moleswort Gallery Dublin, entitled ‘Drawings’. The exhibition opens Thursday the 8th of December and will run until the 24th of December.

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