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2-Frédéric Delangle-surfaceandsurface.comBeautiful nocturnal work from French Photographer Frédéric Delangle. These Photographs are from his Nyctalope 1 & 2 series from in 2008. Frédéric Delangle’s work appears in the current Blow Photography Magazine.

“The series ‘Nyctalopic’ borrows from film the principle of directional lighting. The landscape becomes a night of vertigo, headlights isolating a small area of visibility. Torches at long range, they cut the space between the image and structure a light field and dark field.”

Frédéric Delangle is represented by Galerie Philip Pechaume, Paris and L’Agent de Photographe Faisan, Florence.

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02 Zach Gold - Surface and SurfaceSome amazing action shots form photographer Zach Gold.  Gold has worked with the likes of David Bowie, 50 Cent and Willem Dafoe and for clients such as Nike, Sony and K-Swiss. The following Photographs are from the ‘Riot’ and ‘Milk’ series. For the Milk series Gold collaborated with the dance company Gallim Dance and choreographer Andrea Miller.

“The video and photographs of semi naked dancers in a pool of milk is alienating yet breathtaking. The images hold a certain suspense, but due to the very sharp detail they have become quiet and elegant scenes.”

Video NSFW

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