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19 Brett Amory - Surface and SurfaceBeautiful emotive work from Oakland based Artist / Drummer / Graphic Designer Brett Amory. Brett Amory’s paintings depict people in transit, everyday acts, waiting for a bus or train, undefined moments of time between events, the pregnant moment.

 “Elements of the compositions provide an outward echo of the inner states of the figures. By reducing the elements of the painting as far as possible, a frozen moment is extended.” Brett Amory

Prints of Brett Amory’s work are available through ‘Thinkspace Gallery’ and ‘5 Pieces Gallery’. In 2011 Brett Amory has had solo exhibitions at the ‘Jonathan LeVine Gallery New York’, and ‘Gallery AD’.

Watch the video below for an interview with the ‘Warholian’ for ‘Thinkspace Gallery’ in 2010. T-shirts available through ‘Indivisual Collective’ and studio images from ‘No New Enemies’  

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09 Annemarie Busschers - Surface and Surface

Striking large Scale Portraits from Dutch Artist Annemarie Busschers.

Her work belongs to the Dutch tradition of reproducing the subject matter with utter detail, as if we could touch with the eye the textures of the surfaces, the fabrics and the skin, etc Busschers work digs deeper into the meaning of contemporary individualism by treating the surfaces as landscapes with a right of their own.”

Check out her site to see some of her murals and earlier surrealist drawings.

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02 Asbestos - Surface and Surface

Some work from self-taught Dublin based Street Artist Asbestos.

“His work combines photography and painting worked onto found objects which he then installs either back onto the streets, or consigns them to gallery wall space. This work is inspired by artists ranging from Caravaggio, Rauschenberg, Sol LeWitt and Chuck Close, and explores the human form consumed and meshed with structural triangular shapes based on Delauney’s Triangulation. These triangular constructs are a hand crafted interpretation of computer generated forms, made out of found wood and metal.”

Asbestos’s work is available to buy from ‘Zero Cool gallery London’

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06 Aaron Nagel - Surface and SurfaceSome amazing figurative oil paintings with theological undertones from Oakland based self-taught Artist Aaron Nagel.

“I’ve always been intrigued by religious art, both because I find so much of it appealing despite it’s motives, and because I’m endlessly fascinated by the frequent use of torture, suffering, and violence, to serve those motives. The symbolism I paint; halos, arrows, etc, are all common in European iconography of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, but I’m trying to take them out of context a bit by placing them around figures who, instead of appearing as martyrs, are unaffected.” form an interview with ‘My Love For You’

Aaron Nagel’s work is currently on show with the Corey Helford Gallery at Scope Art Fair, Miami. If you’re interested in learning more about Aaron’s technique, his blog has several intriguing step by step posts of his working process, inspiration and details of the paints and mediums he uses.

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01 Alyssa Monks - Surface and SurfaceSome amazing large scale hydrological paintings from Brooklyn based Artist Alyssa Monks.  Alyssa Monks works in the field of photorealism,  yet revealed in the detail of her paintings is a playful abstraction created with thick strokes of paint within a restricted pallet.  The result being beautifully intimate depictions of human flesh in contact with water, steam and glass.

“When I began painting the human body, I was obsessed with it and needed to create as much realism as possible. I chased realism until it began to unravel and deconstruct itself.  Realism and Abstraction are in a symbiotic relationship they need each other to exist and eventually become the same.”

Alyssa Monks is currently represented by David Klein Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan and is currently exhibiting her work at Art Miama, Florida untill December 4th 2011.

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11 Richard Mosse - Surface and SurfaceRecent work form Irish born New York based Photographer Richard Mosse. These Large format photographs are from the series ‘Infra’ shown at Dublin Contemporary this year. The subject being Nomadic rebels in the Congolese jungle. The series was shot using Aerochrome infrared film developed by the US military in the 1940s to detect camouflage and to reveal part of the spectrum of light the human eye cannot see.

”The false-colour Aerochrome was a thing of the past. I was dealing with an abandoned technology which I wanted to use reflexively, to work this military technology against itself in the hopes of revealing something about how photography represents a place like Congo, a place so deeply buried beneath and stifled by its representations.”

You can find various insightful interviews and discussions on Mosses’s work on his website.

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