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kijek adamski - surface and surfaceHappy New Year! I just saw this over on pleasure of chaos. Really clever and simple idea for a music video directed by Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski for Reebok. No idea what the lyrics are about but the visuals are great. If you liked this one have a look at their video for Oi Va Voi back in 2009 lots of shredded paper.

Filip Sterckx - Willow – Sweater surface and surfaceI saw this over on Booooooom yesterday. It’s a deadly music video for the Belgian band Willow directed by Filip Sterckx and made using 3 beamers projecting on a floor and two walls and a little threadmill.  The making of video is pretty funny to see how difficult it was to line up the singers movements with the projected films.

Nipwitz - surface and surface

Unbelievable video from Finnish free-skiing group Nipwitz by Flatlight Films.  They mix free running and skiing with deadly results.  The video is the crew free skiing in abandoned burned out buildings and frozen landscapes of the remote Murmansk Oblast in Russia.  “This remote corner of Russia is just a five hour drive away from our home but feels much more distant.” You can see a few more of their videos below.

via broadsheet

Nipwitz - surface and surface

Nipwitz - surface and surface

Nipwitz - surface and surface

Nipwitz - surface and surface

Callum Cooper - Full Circle - surface and surface

I saw this video over on Booooooom and was blown away.  Simple concept but just looks amazing!

“Full Circle is the first fashion film for new London / Melbourne label Klezinski. Klezinski makes apparel, accessories, art and interior products utilising sustainable manufacturing processes and materials. This film is a creative collaboration between film-maker Callum Cooper, sound artist John Kassab and Klezinski. Full Circle is a showcase of hand-crafted fashion pieces from its initial range. All clothing and accessories in this film are created by Klezinski.”

You can watch both shorts by Callum below with audio by John kassab.

01 Deville Dinerbar - Miaou Studio - surface and surfaceGreat graphic, brand identity, web design and video work from Montreal based designers ‘Miaou Studio’.  Miaou have worked in collaboration with the likes of Hugo Boss, Lanvin, Cloud Cult, Holy FuckDiberville, Monkeytown Records, Sotherbys and Deville Dinerbar.

“we believe graphic communication must be synonymous with sensitivity, innovation & thought.”  Miaou Studio

Watch their very Mac friendly music video within a music video for ‘Evil Twin’ by ‘Modeselector‘ from their new album ‘Monkey Town’ below.

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Mac Premo Oliver Jeffers - surface and surfaceBrilliant stop-motion video for ‘The Daily’, summing up some of the main news from 2011 by Oliver Jeffers and Mac Premo.

“The pair won an Emmy in 2010 for a commercial they made together, and have displayed numerous works both individually and together around the world.” — Kase Wickman

Find our previous post on Oliver Jeffers here and here.

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