Sea No Evil Art Show 2012

Travis Louie_surface and surface

Travis Louie

Great line up for the now annual Sea No Evil Art Show happening at Riverside Municipal Auditorium, California on Saturday 30th starting at 6pm.  All funds raised go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to assist their aggressive campaigns to end the illegal whaling in Antarctica, the bloody seal hunt in Canada, dolphin slaughter in Japan and illegal shark finning in the Galapagos. Find more info of the Sea No Evil Art Show 2012 Facebook page.

Roland Tamayo_surface and surface

Roland Tamayo

Noel Paris_surface and surface

Noel Paris

Maxx242_surface and surface


Shepard Fairey_surface and surface

Shepard Fairey

Gretchen Ryan_surface and surface

Gretchen Ryan

Teodor M. Dumitrescu_surface and surface

Teodor M. Dumitrescu

Munk One - surface and surface

Munk One

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