Fintan Switzer

Fintan Switzer -  surface and surfacePhoto real street art from Killarney (Ireland) based creative Fintan Switzer. Fintan is also featured in the new book Inside ‘Out: Street/Art in Ireland’ features work and comments by Irish artists such as Conor Harrington, Maser, DMC, Katie Holten and ADW and International artists D*Face, Shepard Fairey, Phlegm, Mark Jenkins and C215.

Fintan Switzer -  surface and surface Fintan Switzer -  surface and surface Fintan Switzer -  surface and surface Fintan Switzer -  surface and surface Fintan Switzer -  surface and surface

  1. terminalillusions said:

    His work actually reminds me a lot of Conor Harrington’s older pieces. Real stunning work! I love the gold painted beer kegs in the first one.

    • Mark said:

      yeah I thought that too. Love Conor Harrington’s work, missed my chance of buying a piece back when it was a lot cheaper!

  2. lucie tae said:

    Indeed, these are the most intensive and interesting pieces of street art I’ve seen in a long time. Trompe l’oeil is on it’s way back from history. I like that. The real frames add a very diverse perspective to the whole: it’s outside on the one hand, it’s framed on the other, it looks like a fragmentary but is painted so real.
    Wonderful how art can confuse and appear stunning at the same time!

  3. Huw said:

    The artist will be releasing his first body of work next month (exact date to be confirmed soon hopefully). Keep an eye on his fans page for updates. A very talented artist whose canvas work is just as impressive

    • Mark said:

      cheers for getting in contact, send us a link when it’s up and I’ll post it

  4. Hi Mark, should you be interested he is a link to some of his canvas work. We hope you like it:

    • Mark said:

      Thanks they look good. Is there somewhere I can get the images as jpgs rather than in the Issuu format?

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