Daniel Sax / Ira Glass

The_Gap_Ira Glass_Daniel Sax_surface_and_surfaceI saw this during the week over on Swiss Miss. A visual representation video by Daniel Sax of a piece of advice for beginners Ira Glass of ‘This American Life‘ fame gave about storytelling on PRI. David Shiyang Lius did the original video version back in 2012 and Daniel was so inspired by it he made his own version below. You can see David Shiyang Lius video here also.


    • Mark said:

      Cheers for the reblog

  1. dylanvoid said:

    A very reassuring message; however, I seem to have been a beginner for years (nay decades!); I’m really not convinced it should last that long. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep the faith I suppose. Thanks for posting.

    • Mark said:

      Yeah, really great advice I guess everyone is learning no matter how accomplished you are. If you don’t already listen to ‘This American Life’ you really should give it a listen.

      • dylanvoid said:

        Thanks Mark, I’ll take a look. Although I’m a Brit, so I don’t know if the content would be suited to us lymies.

      • Mark said:

        No bother sure I’m Irish and live in London and love it, don’t let the name deceive you, each show has one theme with great stories from around the world by international journalists

      • dylanvoid said:

        Oh right, I’ll have a listen to a couple of podcasts and let you know what I think. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Hey Mark, really great stuff! It’s always inspiring to pop in! Thanks and cheers – Tanja

    • Mark said:

      Hi Tanja thanks for getting in contact, great to hear the blog is giving you some inspiration

    • Mark said:

      Yeah the video is really great and Ira Glass can give everyone some sulis

    • Mark said:

      Cheers for the reblog

  3. This was a timely piece for me to see; my partner has just quit his job to become a full time musician and I’m trying to work out how to switch careers from meh to amazing (hopefully from doing things I love). And that could take a while… So I’ll take the message; don’t quit!

    • Mark said:

      Great to hear you guys are taking the plunge, very brave but if you don’t give it a try it’ll will never happen

  4. Reblogged this on Drawing from the Word and commented:
    This is a very clever video that combines art and words so wonderfully that I thought I would reblog it. Plus a great message to all aspiring creative types.

    • Mark said:

      Cheers for the reblog Gwen glad you liked the post

    Thank you, thank you.
    Your blogs, art, inspiration. Love it.
    Thank you!

    • Mark said:

      No worries Natasha Really happy you like the blog

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